Aroma Blend is the use of special blends of powerful essential oils, specifically created to target the needs of the client. 

At La Mer Spas we use Aroma Blend as part of the therapy and treatment journey for our clients.


A good treatment should be a sensory journey

We believe that every aspect of your treatment should leave you feeling relaxed, with benefits to your body and to your mind. Our Aroma Blends are an integral part of this and they’re so beneficial. We choose from a wide range of essential oils, creating blends that work perfectly with each of our therapies. Some oils will be chosen for particular benefits to health, such as detoxifying oils for our detox treatments, or moisturising properties for our targetted skin treatments. We also blend in oils that have the most beautiful fragrances, to embrace the senses while you’re enjoying your treatment.


Aroma Blends personalised just for you

We use different Aroma Blends for different treatments and therapies, so you can appreciate a different sensory journey with every treatment you experience. We will also tailor an Aroma Blend specifically for you. We do this by starting each treatment with a short consultation. Once we’ve established your own personal needs and preferences, such as your favourite types of aroma or your skin type, we can make sure your personal Aroma Blend is not just perfect for your treatment type, but also perfect for you.


Essential oils can relax and revitalise

Certain essential oils will also have an impact on your state of mind, so if you want to be left feeling relaxed and at peace after your treatment, so you can spend the rest of your day lazing by the pool, we will choose the most calming oils for your Aroma Blend. However, perhaps you’d like to finish your treatment and be left feeling revitalised and invigorated? All ready for water sports or a night out. Again, we can select the perfect combination of essential oils to enliven your mind and give your body a real boost.


Carefully chosen by experts

Our expert therapists carefully select all the essential oils that go into each of our Aroma Blends. They are matched to your treatment, and to your own requirements and preferences. We offer Aroma Blends with many of our treatments.


Choose your treatment and experience Aroma Blend for yourself

Need some inspiration? Then how about Perfect Legs? The ultimate treatment for tired feet and legs. This treatment uses an Aroma Blend we call Circular Balm. A warming and relaxing blend that eases the muscles and leaves you feeling as if you’re walking on air. This can be especially beneficial for alleviating fluid retention during pregnancy. For all over benefits, try our Intense Firming treatment which will hydrate, moisturise and tone your body, tightening slack skin, repairing sun damage and improving the appearance of stretch marks. This treatment includes the use of a beautiful Aroma Blend with Lemon, Frankincense and Immortelle essential oils. It’s as aromatic is it is effective, a real treat for the senses.