Finally summer is on the way. That wonderful time of year when you take time out to relax, spend time outdoors, visit the beach, dine alfresco. The sun is going to be hotter and you’re going to be enjoying wearing your summer clothes, but this comes with a few concerns. Is your body ready to look amazing during this hottest of seasons? Treat yourself and look after your body to ensure you’re fit for the summer and looking at your ultimate best…

Get your mind into summer mode

Summer is all about relaxing and taking it easy. You need to make the most of the glorious weather so now is the time to unwind your mind and let all those winter stresses go. Now that can be easier said than done. When your job is demanding, and your home life is hectic, it’s easy to hold onto those stresses and worries. A great way to let go of them is to take a spa day. Just one day out of your life to truly relax in the most tranquil setting. Take advantage of the facilities on offer, a sauna and steam room can be very beneficial for your skin, but don’t overdo it, sit back, perhaps enjoy a good book, put your mobile phone away, and treat yourself to a delicious healthy lunch. Don’t forget to book yourself a fabulous treatment or two while you’re there!

Revitalise tired winter skin

The winter months can play havoc with your skin, hidden under layers of clothing, subjected to temperature changes. At a La Mer spa you’ll find a wide range of treatments that will benefit your skin and get it looking great, all ready for summer when it’s likely you’ll have more skin on show than usual. Get skin you can be proud of with a Body Polish exfoliating ritual. This relaxing treatment uses special massage techniques along with our Slim Effect products to rejuvenate tired skin and leave it looking smooth, toned and firm. Particular attention is paid to problem areas such as hips, thighs and buttocks. We also have a good selection of facials to choose from as of course, you want to see youthful, energised and healthy looking skin when you look in the mirror!

Get in shape for summer

When you’re at the beach and chilling by the pool with friends and family, you want to look amazing in your swimwear. Silhouette Detox will rid your body of toxins and help you achieve the perfect curves you desire. We tend to neglect our legs over winter, but now summer is on the way, it’s time to give them a little TLC. We offer leg waxing, as well as our fabulous Perfect Legs treatment which is great for giving your circulation a boost and easing aching muscles. It will certainly put a skip in your step. Don’t forget your toes, they’ll be on show when you’re out wearing sandals, so book in for a pedicure and enjoy a soothing foot massage, and add that finishing touch with your choice of nail varnish.

A new cooler hairstyle

With the temperatures soaring, perhaps it’s time to lose a little of the length and heaviness from your hair? How about a fabulous restyle for summer? Perhaps a style that’s a little less high maintenance if you’re going to be dipping in and out of the pool all summer? Or perhaps it’s just time for a change? Summer is the perfect time to update your own personal style and be a little daring.

La Mer spas have it all

At La Mer spas we can offer all the treatments mentioned above, and so much more besides. All in the most stunning, peaceful setting with expert therapists. To find out more about everything available, and to find a La Mer spa near you, click here.