You are unique, we know this. You’re special, and you have your own needs and requirements. Our holistic approach to our treatments and therapies means that we don’t just focus on the needs of the body, but also on those of the mind.

At La Mer Spas, your treatment is a journey. Of course all our treatments offer some amazing physical benefits, but we also want you to leave us with a true feeling of well being. Therapies that reach beyond the physical and affect our emotions, we believe are the most beneficial.


Your treatment starts with you

All our treatments are tailor made to your requirements. Everyone is different and so we believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to our therapies. So that’s why all our treatments begin with a one-to-one consultation to ensure you get the most relaxing and effective treatment that’s just perfect for you. We’ll discuss your requirements, your needs and your thoughts.  We find this personal approach is ideal for a world in which everyone is unique. From your consultation we can fine tune your treatment. This may be selecting particular brands of products, scents that you will find most soothing, or adapting a therapy to fully encompass a problem area you have identified.


Expert therapists take you on your treatment journey

Here at La Mer Spas we believe every treatment you have with us is part of a journey. From your consultation, through your treatment or therapy, to completion leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalised, as if you’re floating on air. All our therapists are very highly trained, highly skilled and well experienced. During your consultation you’ll be asked some questions so your treatment can be tailored to you personally, but don’t hesitate to mention anything you feel may be relevant, for instance if you are new to wellness therapies you may have some questions, or you may be unsure what to expect. Your therapist will explain everything to you, put you at ease and ensure your treatment is enjoyable and thoroughly relaxing.


A Truly Sensorial Experience

Our treatments are highly beneficial in so many ways. A facial will leave you looking young and fresh faced, a massage will ease those aching muscles, a pedicure delivers pretty toes and a spring in your step. The physical benefits are very important and we know that, but with our specially developed treatment experiences, we offer delights that involve all the senses, with sounds and scents, in a beautiful and relaxing setting, our treatment journey offers huge benefits to your mind and soul. Our mental well being can affect our physical health, and in our hectic, modern world, we can all suffer from stress. Our ethos is to eliminate stress and ease the mind, as we ease your body.


A wide range of treatments available

Our spas offer a large range of treatments, so there’s something for everyone. Anti-ageing facial treatments using the latest innovative products, the ultimate in relaxing massages for total pleasure and comfort, and those finishing touches that you can appreciate long after you’ve left our tranquil spa setting such as hair styling, make up application or a manicure.


Discover your perfect treatments today

Take time to browse our treatment range and pick out those that will most benefit you. Discover the art of relaxation and get in touch to help you find the best spa therapies and treatments for your needs. We look forward to welcoming you to a La Mer spa destination soon!