Your wedding day is the most important day of your life so of course you want to look fabulous! You’ll have a lot to plan, and part of that planning is to decide how you want your hair for your big day. Here are our top tips for ensuring your hair is stunning for your wedding, and for those wedding photos you’ll treasure for the rest of your life…

1. Pick the right hairstyle

It’s important not to panic, planning a wedding can be stressful, but you need to relax and enjoy the process. Start thinking about hairstyles early and gather ideas. When it comes to wedding hairstyles, you have lots of options. Will you want your hair up, or flowing over your shoulders? What you wear may impact on the style that will work best. If your dress is a simple classic design, a striking hair style could work well, but if you’re having a lavish dress with a lot of detail and decoration, perhaps keeping your hair more gentle will look best. If you’re wearing a veil, you’ll find some styles look better than others. Browse wedding magazines and search online for inspiration. Your ceremony, and the time of year will also need to be considered. Loose hair can look beautiful on a calm day, in a beautiful building, but if you are getting married outside and there’s a breeze, you may end up looking a little windswept, so do keep this in mind when choosing your style.

2. Have a trial run

You might have found the perfect hairstyle, but to truly know if it’s going to work for you, it’s important to have a trial run before the big day. You may find that the style you’ve chosen really doesn’t suit the shape of your face, that it feels uncomfortable to you, or that it doesn’t work with your wedding outfit. Your stylist will be able to adapt your preferred style to work better for you. They can add in volume, or a few subtle pins to keep it in place, but these are all little issues you want to get sorted in advance, not on your wedding day.

3. Bring hairstyle references

Sometimes when you have an image in your mind of how you want your hair to look, it can be a little tricky to put that into words and exactly convey the picture you’re imagining. Try to find images of hairstyles you like to bring along with you so your stylist can see just what you’re looking for. While you’re doing your research, save any images you find online and cut images out of magazines. Then it’s time to fine tune your research and gather all your images together. Try to cut down the numbers to half a dozen images or less to avoid confusion. The clearer you are in your own mind about the style you want, the easier it will be for your stylist to truly see your vision and recreate it for you.

4. Be true to the real you

This is YOUR day and so it’s all about choosing a style that reflects you and your personality. Now is perhaps not the time for a radical change, or for a hairstyle that is going to be highly complicated that you’ll spend the entire day worrying about. You want to enjoy your day and feel comfortable. Also, don’t be influenced about what other people think. Of course listen to suggestions, your friends and family might have some great ideas, but it’s your choice. If you want to keep your hair simple and natural then that’s entirely up to you.

5. Choose the right hairstylist

Perhaps the most important tip is to make sure your stylist is right for you, and the style you’re looking for. Speak to them in advance, and don’t be afraid to ask for a different stylist if you feel the person you’ve spoken to just doesn’t really understand your needs. Here at La Mer Spas we have four highly experienced and talented stylists, so do book an appointment to visit us to discuss your needs and desires for your wedding hair style.