What does it take to be happy? Feeling good and healthy is an excellent start!

The secret lies in striking the right balance between mindfulness – appreciating the here and now – and self-indulgence.

Give yourself a well-deserved brake. Plan something special for the weekend and recharge your batteries. It also means knowing when to switch off (turn off that smartphone!), relax and re-center your thoughts on a sense of purpose.

A few examples:

  • Taking 10 minute every day to remember all the things that make you happy and you enjoy doing.
  • How about starting your day with the sunrise and a 30’ walk to boost your energy? Or stopping by the local florist, just to admire the colors and inhale the smell of fresh blossoms?
  • Listen to what your body, mind and soul need, whether through meditation or spending your afternoon taking care of yourself.
  • Start exercising today. Even 30 minutes’ walk helps you mind and body.
  • Plan a visit at the Spa and start taking care of your needs. Detoxify regularly using the Sauna followed by a swim in the sea to improve your immune system. There is no better felling than feeling energized and healthy.
  • At the end of the day, true happiness can only come from being kind to yourself and your needs and to the people around you.
  • Start your week with a plan to look forward to! Enjoy every day and remember what is important.